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Glaston at glasstec: strong lineup of new products

Product development is one of Glaston’s major strengths. The company has a continuous focus on R&D to develop innovations and further expand product series to help glass producers getting to the next level in their business. Glaston operates in growing markets, and the safety glass market is expected to grow by nearly 7% per year up to 2017. Growth is driven by the increased use of safety glass, the rise in energy-savings glass both in renovations and in new constructions, as well as the growing trend to use more glass in the construction sector.

October issue of Glass International out now!

The October 2014 issue of Glass International is out now. This month we have an exclusive interview with Phoenix Award winner G. Clinton Shay, who discusses his life´s work with Corning Inc.

Top innovations from AGC at glasstec special show

The special glass technology live show has been one of the most popular attractions at glasstec for many years and is considered a trend-setter for the glass industry. In line with glasstec’s slogan - Intelligent Glass - AGC presented innovative product developments such as the chemically strengthened glass products Dragontrail X and Leoflex, screen-printed Clearvision glass louvres and laminated glass with organic solar films providing significant energy harvesting to reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

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