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O-I showcases the benefits of glass at Expo 2015 in Milan

Owens-Illinois is celebrating glass at the internationally acclaimed Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. O-I has delivered more than 10,000 glass bottles that have been arranged into larger-than-life sculptures at the Swiss Pavilion for the City of Zürich.

U.S. glass packaging producer expanded its Järvakandi factory in Estonia

The world´s leading glass packaging manufacturer, U.S. concern Owens Illinois opened on June 30th 2015 an extension of its glass packaging factory in Järvakandi, central Estonia, which among other things enables now to recycle sheet glass in Estonia, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

Protection for artworks “as light as a feather” with MIROGARD® Protect Ultra

The new, virtually invisible laminated glass from SCHOTT that is extremely lightweight offers outstanding UV protection in combination with shatter protection and is also extremely thin

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