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SCHOTT Sets Glass Tubing Record with Outer Diameter of 460 Millimeters

SCHOTT, the international technology group, has made history once again by creating the world’s largest industrially manufactured glass tube. The record-size tube, made of DURAN® glass, has an outer diameter of 460 millimeters—40 millimeters wider than the previous record-setting tube—and measures more than 1.5 meters long with a wall thickness of 8.5 millimeters. Developed with a specialty manufacturing process, the tube represents a range of new application possibilities for the chemical, biological, architecture, pharmaceutical, and retail industries, among others.

SGD Group S.A.S. becomes majority shareholder of India based tubular glass specialist Cogent

SGD Group S.A.S. has become Cogent Glass Limited’s majority shareholder, India-based manufacturer of Type I molded and tubular glass vials for the pharmaceutical industry. Cogent’s acquisition represents a major opportunity for SGD pharmaceutical division and will consolidate its leadership position in this sector. The acquisition will enable SGD to enter into the tubular conversion market and benefit from the fast-growing Indian pharmaceutical market.

AGC presents CLEARSIGHT, anti-reflective glass

AGC presents CLEARSIGHT, an anti-reflective glass that is ideal for applications that requires maximum transparency and minimal reflections. With its significantly low light reflectance of 0.8%, Clearsight effectively minimizes reflections, comparing to conventional float glass. The improved light transmission, higher clarity and contrast of objects are achieved for display applications.

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