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GED looks to repeat its success at glasstec 2014

GED Integrated Solutions has confirmed that it is to once again exhibit its award-winning Intercept Warm Edge Spacer production systems at glasstec, held in Duesseldorf, Germany, 21 24 October 2014. The US manufacturer is best known for its production lines for fabricating sealed units using Intercept Warm Edge spacer. In 2014 the central feature of the GED stand will be its readily switchable double / triple glazing option the Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS).

Reliable 3D measurement: Complete surface + In-line + Objective

High esthetic appearance & best wiper capability for automotive glass?


Society has prized glass artifacts for millennia, from decorated Egyptian amphora, to the extravagantly engraved vases of the Romans, from stained glass windows, to the chandeliers of the Middle Ages. Bottles and tableware help us to cook and preserve our food, to store our wine, and to deliver our medications cheaply in tip-top condition, while windows and lamps give us well lit, warm buildings and safe transport systems.

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