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a2-solar development: Solar Structural Glazing for Porsche

Since very recently, a unique kind of solar power system is towering above the new Porsche Center in Berlin, thus standing as a new symbol of sustainable and innovative incentives.

a2-solar entwickelt Solares Structural Glazing für Porsche

Seit neuestem überragt eine einzigartige Solaranlage in Form eines Pylonen die neue Niederlassung der Porsche AG in Berlin und setzt damit ein neues Zeichen für nachhaltige und ressourcenschonende Innovationen

JinkoSolar Supplies Solar Modules to Mosques in Jordan

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. announced that it has supplied modules to power several mosques in Jordan as part of a PV project managed by The Contractor for Renewable Energy LLC, JinkoSolar’s local partner.

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